Random MailWasher thoughts

Matthew from Firetrust was kind enough to send me a free copy of the new, pro version of Mailwasher a while back. The program has gotten better, added some serious features, and still gives you all the fun of bouncing spam back to the sender. (Of course, the actual value of that is still open to debate, but it feels good!)As far as being able to check mail on your server without having to download it to your machine, delete junk, bounce junk, or even write a quick reply, it’s solid, stable and works like a charm.

That being said, after spending some time using it I’ve found there are a few bits of wonkiness that I wouldn’t mind seeing some improvement on:

· Doesn’t import Outlook contacts.

· Does import OE address book but not Hotmail account from OE.

· If you have POP3 access to Gmail set-up in Outlook it will get that information, but does not copy SSL information from Outlook when it copies the Gmail account info. You’ll need to change that manually.

· Uses Blacklists and FirstAlert! Reporting to identify spam, at least one newsletter incorrectly identified. I’m still testing the accuracy of the blacklists.

· Deleting a message because you don’t need to read it adds sender to blacklist. Not clear how to change that behavior.

As with anything, your mileage may vary, but if you’re interested in a free trial for yourself, hit the website and check it out! I’ll probably have more to say on this as time goes on.

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