Happy Ending

After further review with that PC this afternoon, there is obviously a very serious problem, maybe even a hardware issue with the network card. The system restore actually made the intermittent problems it was haivng with print jobs and emails much more acute. You can download things from the internet, the work network, etc. just as fast as you can at any PC, which I mistook to mean that the network connection was ok, when in fact, sending anything out from that PC over 100kb or so is impossible! That includes uploading to a website, copying to a network share and sending an email. This user simply doesn’t do those things very often so I had missed those symptoms, but I see them clearly now that I’ve been testing it.

This evening, literally as we were getting out of the car and turning it over to the valet at the resturant we were having our company Christmas party at, my pager went off. (Our phone system is set to page me if I have a voice mail message, it acts as a quick way to reach me in an emergency.) It was our CDW rep confirming the RMA. (Return Merchandise Authorization) Tomorrow I’ll have to figure out whether they’re sending me the replacement first or I have to send this back first, but either way, it’s better news than I went to bed with last night!

Of course, now that I’ve spent so much time on this, there’s a backlog of other projects that demand my attention, and an ever approaching deadline of when I need to have those two other new systems in house and setup for users. It’s looking like quite a hectic couple of holiday weeks for me!

Not to mention that I hadn’t been aware of this little bug in Outlook 2000’s publish calendar as a web page function, which is widely used in my office! I can hear the complaints already!

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