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I know there’s been a lot of bigger news about Instgram this week, what with the company being purchased by Facebook and all. That’s been covered to death all over the internet, so I’ll skip boring you with my take on that. (Suffice it to say, I simply hope FB keeps the tool working the way it does.)

I did want to share a service that works with Instagram that I saw via one of my own Facebook friends today. The odd thing, to me, about Instagram is that while it’s a great app, and now a great Android app as well, there’s no website where you can take a peek at your network, or your photos on a PC. Seriously, go to instagr.am, nothing but the downloads for the apps.Well, whenever there’s an opening in the social networking realm nowadays, someone will step up. That precisely what Statigram has done. Give it access to your Instagram account and it will act as a desktop client for the Instagram sevice, including giving you a public URL you can give out to share your Instagram photos with folks who are not using the service. (Mine is http://statigr.am/mikemac29) Give it access to your Facebook profile and it will let you do things like create an Instagram tab for your fan page, and let you create a cover photo for your timeline from your Instagram photos. Not too shabby, if you want to trust them with your login information. (Which is always a concern too!)

Anyone else using the service, or something similar?


Update: July, 1 2012:

It looks like Instagram, following their purchase by Facebook, has finally updated their website to allow us to interact with the service on a PC.

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