More good news

Loaded up bloglines this morning to discover that my cable internet speed will be increasing come January, (Thanks to both Geek News Central and Chad for pointing to that.)and Movable Type has officially recognized the server load issue associated with comment spam and is working on correcting it.

My replacement has been ordered and will ship today, and should arrive Monday or Tuesday. I went home after the Christmas party last night and got some documentation done so it’s looking like I will be caught up enough come noon tomorrow that I can leave to spend the weekend celebrating Xmas with my in-laws without having to drag some work with me, which I’m sure my much-neglected-lately wife will appreciate.

And then, starting next week, I’ll be moving and setting up new PC’s and getting ready for all the stuff I need to have done by year-end, so I’m looking forward to having this weekend to focus on the non-work things in my life!

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