One of those days

So, there I was, settling in after the telephone debacle at work, popping open my copy of Amphetadesk in yet another attempt to get somewhat caught up on my tech news and tech blog reading, when the browser opened up with a bizarre error message about something HASH being outside the allowable array for use in template/default/index.html, (No, not that kind of hash either! *L*) where my news channels should have been listed. Oh damn, what happened? I checked all my Amphetadesk files and settings and everything seemed to be ok. No problem, let me just grab the zip file and go back to the original files, keeping a copy of mychannels.opml. Maybe I screwed something up. Open it up with the original files, and everything seems to be ok, replace the default mychannels.opml with the one I had been using and wham, there it is again. Obviously, one of the channels is causing a problem here, but which one? No hints in the log files. The only way to get it running properly again was to start from scratch and add each channel until I found which one caused the error. Eventually I did find the culprit, it actually caused the program to shutdown when I tried to add the feed. Just put in the URL, clicked “Add this channel” and blip, there went the entire program. Odd, odd behavior.

I don’t know what the folks at Privacy Digest did to their feed, but my aggregator really didn’t like it at all.

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