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Here’s why the copyright police are dangerous, not because they want to protect copyright, but because they want to protect copyright above any other right. So you wind up with situations like this. An innocent home movie of someone’s cats get’s red-flagged and deleted by a hosting company because they think it might be copyrighted material. That’s right, it’s just deleted, no opportunity for the person to prove that he created the material, and, I assume, no official copyright complaint, he’s presumed guilty of copyright theft and his stuff is taken down. If/when Hollywood gets the ability to hack PC’s and P2P networks, how many of your legal files are going to be lost when they assume it’s not legal and delete it? Do you think the copyright Gestapo is going to take the time to find out whether you’ve made your own movies, music, photos, and even writing? They’ll have legal cover to simply delete everything that you make publicly accessible, all in the name of protecting copyrights. Update: Apparently the host took it down because it was “streaming media” and they don’t allow any streaming, not over a copyright issue. Still, it’s going to happen, your files are going to be removed and you’ll have to prove they aren’t violating copyright, in clear contrast to the Constitutional protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Eric Norlin has an interview with the technical director of Palladium. Interesting stuff, but like David Weinberger says in his pointer to the interview, “technical directors don’t make marketing decisions at Microsoft.” So we’ll still have to wait and see whether they make the tech available to other platforms.

James Jarrett has been thinking about community and where he fits in, or where his blog fits in. I’ve been thinking about that too, but haven’t had time to sit down and write out all of my thoughts on that one. I do feel that this blog sort of skirts the perimeter of several communities, none of which it fully penetrates. My traffic comes from a few different “communities”, at least communities that I think I can define to myself, but that traffic does not include an overwhelming majority of the people in those communities. Some posts are interesting to part of my audience, while others are more interested in different topics. More on this later, but what are your thoughts about weblog communities?

Angela has discovered the ease of the Web Album Generator and has been putting up albums like a mad woman! I might have to install this sucker on the laptop so I can setup easy albums at Gnomedex.

Speaking of photos, she’ll be spending the weekend at a family reunion of sorts in West Virginia, while I will be attending the Irish Festival here in town. We only have one digital camera. Looks like I’ll be breaking out the film for any band pics I want to take, eh? Call me greedy, but I think we each should have our own digital cam..:)

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