I work too hard

Picture this, it’s 11:45PM, the wife is soundly sleeping, I’m well on my way, when I hear my pager. It’s the work voice mail system paging me to let me know someone left me a voice mail. Someone leaving me a voice mail at 11:45PM cannot possibly be a good thing. I get up, go downstairs and call in. It’s a message from Ameritech, who were supposed to test our voice T1 Wednesday night, they just now (11:45 Thursday night!) tested it and found there to be a problem, and they need me to call them back and give them the ok to dispatch a field tech to look at our cabling. I do that, I’m now wide awake, and it’s after midnight. After about an hour of watching TV and playing travel Yahtzee (including the new family high score of 514!) I finally wind back down and go to bed. I’m going to be wearing out a path between my office and the coffee pot this morning.

The tech should be out before lunch. Update: The tech was out, but he’s going to have to take down the whole phone system for a little while to locate the exact problem. They’ll be back after 3, but hopefully before 5. The office is closing at 3 today for the company summer outing, which I wasn’t going to anyway, but I had hoped to get out to the Irish Festival at some point tonight. Here’s hoping this doesn’t turn into an all-night project. Update #2: Phone company tech got here around 4, switched out the card on our end, drove out to the central station and switched out the card there, drove back and checked all the cable pairs, pronounced their set of problems as fixed, but also pronounced that the cable testers were still getting some other errors, being generated by our internal system. So it may not actually be fixed, we shall have to see if the intermittent problems persist next week. I made it out of the office around 8PM, which isn’t too late to still catch Black 47’s set at the festival, but I’m tired so I’m blowing it off. I’ll catch them and the Saw Doctors tomorrow.

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