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Yeah so yesterday at ITEC was basically a waste. To say I was underwhelmed by the show would be understating the fact. We’ll see how today goes, but I’m not going to kill myself to get back for any of day 2 today. (Hey, it still beats sitting in my office..*L*)

I’ve got a bunch of things to try on that USB adapter issue thanks to this page, but I honestly have a hard time thinking that if the USB controller was such a problem, it would come preinstalled that way! You’d think they would have fixed that by now, these aren’t the latest model Sony’s. Of course, I’m also going to try re-installing XP service pack 1, again, even though it came preinstalled, I’m wondering about whether the USB patches were applied correctly.

Bunch of links I saw on Scoble’s blog today that I want to look at further when I have more time:

KC Lemson has a bunch of Outlook tips.

Tony Toews’ website for Access

Weblogs and Job Hunting

Offline blog writing tools for PCs and PocketPCs

Tekguru is UK’s largest Pocket PC website

That should keep me busy tonight…

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