Bizarre stuff

So I installed SP1 for Internet Explorer 6 yesterday and immediately had some problems with it. I don’t know how, or why, but immediately after restarting I opened up IE and what sounded like a mangled .wav file played for about 30 seconds, then stopped. But no other sounds will play because the sound device is in use. The .wav got quiet but never really stopped tying up the resource. I tried reinstalling the SoundMax drivers to no avail.

I was already having a problem with IE not responding when I tried to shutdown, even though I had closed all the IE windows, so I think once the new Dell arrives and I get everything moved over, I’ll just re-image this machine back to a default configuration and start over before passing it along to anyone else.

I also have a user who sends out a file as an attachment, only instead of the file being attached, he gets an earlier version of the same file as his attachment. I’ve emptied his Temp folder, and am going to delete all old email attachments that have the old, before revisions, file on them and see if maybe it’s just a matter of a ghost temp file running over the actual attachment. Any other ideas that I may be missing?

It’s going to be one of those days, I can tell already.

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