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I finally, after spending most of the last two nights and my lunch hour today, have MT installed, configured, tweaked and the entries all put back for the child abuse site. Some stuff is still broken, some stuff will remain broken, existing comments are gone, etc. Some stuff is better. Thanks to a link at Christine’s, I installed MT-Blacklist-Stop Spam now, I made a couple of different options for RSS feeds, thanks to pointers from Lisa, and I spent entirely too much time tracking down a cookie problem I had all because of an extra period in the CGIPath in the configuration file. I’m not sure about this, but I think the download version with the full libraries has something like CGIPath= in it, and obviously you change the domain and path to your MT installation, but it’s very easy to overlook the period at the end of it. Eventually I noticed and took out the period and I then stopped going back to the logon screen at every turn.

Anyway, that was fun, now tomorrow I can go back to work and try and find out why that stupid adapter isn’t working, get our billing done and somehow still find time to check out the ITEC show. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I guess you know why, eh? 🙂

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