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According to the last edition of the LangaList, Agnitum has a free firewall out, and a release candidate for the Pro version of Outpost . A quick look at it makes it seem pretty cool, maybe an alternative to Zone Alarm. But it looks like the pay version will be way better than the free version, in fact with so many options available only in the Pro version I have to wonder what, if anything, the free version actually does! Anyone using it?

Speaking of Zone Alarm , Fred Langa also lets us know that they apparently have a new beta “in the works”. Keep an eye out for that.

Ev points out that Bryan is blogging a behind the scenes look at the Olympics. Funny, funny stuff!

This morning was meeting time, and well, it was sort of disappointing. To solve some upcoming tech issues we seem to be taking the road of least resistance, which means less work for me, but only really puts off the issues we are going to have with incompatibility until a later date, it doesn’t really foresee any sort of solution or even get us working toward some solution. The lack of vision, while not surprising, is somewhat disappointing. It means buying up some extra licenses for NT before MS cuts off sales of them, but doesn’t deal with the issues of knowledge about XP. I would prefer biting the bullet and getting a copy of XP, in order to have some background with it before we’re forced in that direction, but the management would rather save the money now and deal with upgrades later. Which means less work for me now, but more for me (or someone who takes my place when I leave.)later, because I’ll be dealing with a whole new OS in a year or two.

Besides, I just really wanted to play with something new, *sigh*

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