Help my wife, please..

My wife’s artistic side is raging again, and as much as I want to help her and support her, my non-artistic side has no idea about her new designs. I’m just not programmed that way, as any look around here will tell you! *L* So go take a look at her creations and give her some real feedback from real people who have the ability to judge graphic beauty, unlike your’s truly.

According to CNet Microsoft has issued a cumulative patch for IE, so if you haven’t been keeping up with patches you need, you can get them all.

You know what I hate about my job? (part 265 *L*) I hate it when we have an issue, like today, with the telephone system. Nothing big, but something needed to be reprogrammed in it. The vendor sends the VP of Operations an email saying that they’ll dial-in and do the reprogramming today. The VP forwards me this email and tells me to let her know when it’s done. Umm how would I know when it’s done? Well I would know when I can dial 10 digit telephone numbers for local calls. (We’re going to be an overlaid area code so we will need to do this starting in Sept., our phone system was not setup to handle that.) She is more than capable of checking that herself. Then, when I do that and tell her it works, she sends a broadcast to all of the employees with more information about how the phone system will handle 10 or 7 digit for now, yadda, yadda. At the end of the email she tells people with questions that they can ask me when she goes on vacation later this week. I don’t have any idea what she was talking about and don’t have any more info than was in her email to everyone. How am I supposed to answer questions?

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