How did you spend New Year’s Day?

Personally I spent about 4 hours at work, yay me! I knew I had to run a couple of cables in the drop ceiling because one of the offices that we are moving someone into next week isn’t wired properly. I figured on maybe 2 hours or so, running the cable, moving PC’s and doing a couple of other odd things today. Of course, that’s not the way it worked out. I was surprised to find the drywall across the hallway from the wiring closet went all the way past the drop ceiling to the floor of the next floor! I had to search for a place where there was already a wire going through that drywall, (It was a coaxial cable, believe it or not) and drill the hole bigger and finagle the Cat-5 down through that hole. It turned into much more of a construction project than I had foreseen.

Needless to say, by the time I got done I had a pretty good sweat going, my legs were sore from balancing myself on the ladder, and I was covered in drywall and ceiling tile dust. Just what you’d expect from a “knowledge worker”, right? 🙂

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