Linked – How to repair a trust problem

Rachel shares something really important here about trust.

“Repairing trust is a reset.

Not a return to the way things were.”

She mentions a round of layoffs as an example of breaking trust, and I’m glad she included that. All too often, when a round of layoffs occurs, senior management will return to talking about the culture or set of core values they expect all employees to follow without ever acknowledging that it’s different now. You can’t just return to talking about the importance of teamwork and diversity when you just canned 10% of the team as if nothing happened. The trust that existed previously and made those things possible is gone. You can’t just skip right to the part where it comes back. There is no coming back. There is only a new dynamic. Eventually, you can regain a level of trust, but you can never go back to how things were.

Laying off quality employees to cut costs changes the dynamic between management and employees. They will not look at you the same way again. The best you can hope is that you find a way to get back to working together again. Read more of Rachel’s comments on how to do that.

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