Thanks to Cam World for pointing out this $399 computer from Walmart. When did Wally’s World start selling PC’s with no OS? That’s not a bad deal at all, seems like a pretty powerful machine, but no network card sort of sucks. That can be dealt with. I’ve never used a Microtel machine, anyone have some insight?

I found the coolest site ever for a hockey nut like me, The Internet Hockey Database. It lists stats and stuff for players from all the minor leagues, colleges, international leagues, everything! I stumbled upon it trying to find out whether the Len Soccio who played for Germany in the Olympics is the same Len Soccio who played for the ECHL’s Columbus Chill back in 1991-92. Try getting that from ESPN! The Internet DB had him though, and it is him! Very cool to see him still playing and doing so well in the German leagues. (He’s been playing there long enough that he apparently has German citizenship of some sort, hence his appearance in the Olympics.) He was so popular in his brief stay here that my friend even named his dog Soccio! (Yeah I think it’s sort of weird too *L*)

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