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SafeWeb users are vulnerable. Oh the irony. Should we start calling them (not so)SafeWeb? *L*

The Register is baffled by ICQ “hack”. Was it hacked or wasn’t it? You be the judge…

Trillian version .725 is out, the latest in the AIM connection wars.

Why aren’t the Olympics over yet? Haven’t we had enough drama, and complaining? Oh wait that IS the Olympics! Without the controversy and the moaning it would just be the Goodwill Games, and we know what kind of ratings those get..*L*

We’re having some communication problems with the company that acts as our ISP. They aren’t actually an ISP, they just donated part of their bandwidth to us and we connect our network to their network through a T1 line. (We’re a non-profit, we take bandwidth as a donation *smile*) Since yesterday we haven’t been able to get past their firewall using anything more than mail and http protocols. That’s bad. We also don’t host our own website, but we do design and maintain it, then use ftp to get it onto that server. But we can’t create an ftp connection through the firewall at this other network. Ooops. I think they started blocking ports, because my copy of Trillian, which I use to communicate with peers when I have a problem, not really for chatting, doesn’t connect past the firewall either. They want to tell me that no, it’s an internet outage, not them blocking. That they have 2 different internet connections and that depending on how we’re setup to be outgoing, we could have some services on one connection and some one another. I highly doubt that because the proxy address is the same for http and ftp, so why would they be on different connections? That doesn’t make sense. We certainly don’t generate enough traffic to even be a concern to them, so why seperate our traffic? Then I remember that this same company installed our original network back in 1996, which I had to completely redo last year because they way they had it made no sense, and wonder if maybe they are actually doing something silly like that? I just hope the ftp is working by the time we do a site update this afternoon, otherwise I’m going to have to deal with some angry people. That’s the last thing I want on a Friday afternoon.

Update: I got another email from someone else at that company stating that they put in new firewalls and they are configured differently, that’s why the ftp wasn’t working, he’s opening ports for me, but at the same time the one connection of theirs is down again meaning that while we can do most everything online, we can’t send email. (We can receive email, just not send??) Why is that running over a different connection? I have no idea. Update Part 2: No it was incoming and outgoing mail, temporarily, they think. I did manage to get a couple of incoming mails, but the outgoing is still not being delivered. I think, at least it’s not being delivered to some domains, but is to others? Oh it’s so confusing!

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