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Microsoft music, movie player collects log of users’ entertainment when will these companies learn that we don’t trust them enough to just sit by and let them track us. I don’t have WiMP here at work, and don’t have 8.0 at home either come to think of it, anyone know what file you need to delete to get rid of this? Or you could just disallow it from connecting to this server at your firewall. You won’t get song titles but who really needs them? (You do have a firewall don’t you?)

Meryl was nice enough to link to two nice sized collections of CSS resources. More bookmarks?

Neale does a nice review of Microsoft Weblogger. I didn’t even realize Redmond had introduced a weblogging tool. (link via Anil Dash)Update:Jevon pointed out in the comments below that he thinks this is a hoax. (“photoshop magic”) I kinda thought it was too, because if MS was releasing something we’d all know about it ad nauseam. But then I thought, maybe I really did miss it, let’s link to it and see what happens. (That should be the tagline for my site, “link to it and see what happens” *L*)

Steve MacLaughlin had a great piece about web advertising yesterday. Everyone in advertising should be required to read it and follow all the links and read the associated pieces.

As for local news, I seem to be just about finished moving PC’s and stuff upstairs so they could get new carpeting. None too soon either, my body’s starting to get a little sore from all this lifting. (I got a desk job so I wouldn’t have to do this!) I’ve also moved off of reading Active Directory Planning and Design. It was a decent book, but not having 2000 Server sitting in front of me made it a little hard to follow. It did a good job making the business case for using Active Directory though, which you don’t get in a lot of tech books, so that was good. I’ve moved on to Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 hours because we’ve got an old copy of VB 5 sitting around the office, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if I could learn to use it. It’s another marketable skill, especially if I can get it down and start learning VB 6, that never hurts either!

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