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Please Don’t Take Chances with Stalkerware

While I appreciate that the folks at Make Use Of included a warning about what kinds of notifications the person who installed the stalker ware on your phone might get when you try and remove it, I don’t agree with their conclusion that anyone should try and remove it.

Let me repeat what I’ve said before. If you are in an abusive situation and your partner has had access to your phone, leave it behind. If you suspect any of your devices had these tools installed, do not take any chances with them. Yes, getting a new phone and changing all of your passwords will be a pain in the ass. It will suck to set up a new email and change the default email address for all of your online accounts.

It still beats getting tracked down by a violent ex-partner. Do not make light of this. This is life and death stuff. Trying to remove stalker ware incorrectly might kill people. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Don’t take the chance.

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