Will Opening up Google Wave Make it Useful?

Looking at my own Google Wave account, and the folks I follow on Twitter, it seems that Google has opened up the floodgates a little bit, and has given out quite a few more invites. That’s a good thing, because the first thing I realized when I started was that there weren’t very many people who I could actually collaborate with. That limits the usefulness of a collaboration tool.

So now that I have some invites to give out, perhaps I can get some of the people I would normally collaborate with to use it and really see how it works, as opposed to forcing collaboration with people I don’t work with as closely just because they are on Google Wave too!

We’ll see if that changes my initial impressions of Google Wave. I’m still underwhelmed at this point, but maybe if Angela and I plan our next party using it, I’ll feel differently. 🙂

If you need an invite, let me know and I’ll try and hook you up.

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