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Linked – So my ISP can now sell my browsing history – what can I do?

If you’re already using a VPN when you travel, because hotel wifi and Starbucks wifi are not secure, go ahead and fire up that VPN tool even when you’re at home now, because your ISP might be tracking you and selling off that data too.

But, also understand that the ISP is selling off chunks of browsing history from users, it’s not actually putting out a file that says “This is Mike’s surfing history”, it’s putting out “hey if you want to target a 48 year old male interested in technology with an ad, this guy who is visiting your site matches that description”. That amount of data could, however, be used to learn a lot about you and could be tied back to you with enough nefarious effort.

Just use a good VPN, do some research, pay some money. Your privacy will thank you.

Personally, I use a VPN product called VPN Unlimited, and pay for it. Others may choose to use the Opera browser’s built in VPN, but definitely read some reviews from security experts who have tested how private the tools are!

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