Facebook Privacy Changes

I haven’t yet seen exactly how this would work for myself, but in theory I think Facebook stumbled on to a change that most users are going to love! (For once!) The ability to set privacy on every individual entry is a huge game changer for how people will be using Facebook, IMHO.

All too often I’ve heard people talk about how they don’t use Facebook professionally, only for personal contacts, (as if it were possible to always keep the two separate?). Now they can intermingle those two groups of contacts freely, and by simply using friend lists can share things freely with their personal friends, while still keeping those details away from their professional circle. I foresee a large number of people adding more professional contacts on Facebook, and possibly even being convinced to use Facebook in the first place, if this is an easy to use feature.

Of course, that’s in theory. We’ll see how the reality plays out.

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