Want to see yourself in PC Weenies?

Many of you techies out there probably already have seen the PC Weenies comic on-line. I admit to being a pretty avid follower of it myself. Today, Krishna shared that he’s doing some artwork as a way to raise money for a friend of his who has been fighting cancer.

Yesterday I blogged about the idea of using the proceeds earned by commissioned guest-star strips for Cindy Randi?s fight against cancer. I wanted to make another option available.

For $50, I will create a custom piece of art (8.5? x 11?) featuring you and up to 3 PC Weenies characters of your choice. You will receive a high quality card stock print of the colored art, along with the original sketch (taken from my sketchbook) that was used to create the print. The money earned from these commissioned pieces will go towards Cindy (less printing and shipping costs).

So, if you’re interested in getting a unique piece of artwork, or even in being a guest star in one of Krishna’s strips, get over there this month and help out. I hear it makes a great gift too!

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