Why I like Tweetdeck

Over the weekend, after seeing quite a few references to it, I decided to download Tweetdeck and check it out for myself.

The idea of breaking the people I follow on Twitter into different groups was sort of intriguing, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work out in practice. As I began to use it though, a thought occurred to me. Typically, as a Twitter user, I don’t go back and catch up old tweets very I’m just not going to see it. There’s too much “stuff” to go back through.

As I looked at Tweetdeck, I realized that it would go back up to 48 hours to “catch up” on tweets. What if I created a very small group of the people I would want to see anything that they might have been tweeting during the time I was offline? For example, my wife. Tweetdeck’s group feature, and ability to pull in that much history, makes that easy.

Now I just have to be careful not too add so many people to my “must read” list that it becomes overwhelming. 🙂

Of course, I’ve also managed to put together a couple of other groups, one for local twits, another for legal twits, etc. That helps me keep some of the topical conversations organized a bit better, but I’m still not sure that brings me as much value as a feature as my must-read list does!

Go check out Tweetdeck and let us know what you think and what features you like best!

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