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Can anyone point me to a tutorial on using a projector with a Macbook Pro? I’ve done it a couple of times, and have managed to get what I need each time, but I suspect it’s been a lot more aggravating than it should have been. I haven’t found anything like the Fn-F8 toggle on our laptops at work, which is simple enough. The Mac hasn’t been that simple for me, so I’d like to do some research and figure out what I am missing.

Surely I AM missing something, right?

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  1. bob.os
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    System Settings -> Displays. Toggle Show Displays in Menu Bar.

    The menu bar item is pretty self explanatory.

  2. George Starcher
    | Reply

    All you have to do is attach the projector via the dvi port, you may have to use a dvi to vga adapter. Then go into system preferences, displays and click Detect Displays. Just like adding a second monitor.

  3. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    George, I’ve done the vga to dvi adapter, and usually I do get it to work, but it just seems a little harder than it does on a Windows laptop.

    Plus I’ve run into situations where it detects the second display, but the display does not recognize the input from the Macintosh without some fiddling with the OS X settings. Seems like I’m missing something, maybe it is just me.

    Thanks for the tip bob.os that might help to have it right there too.

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