Little Mac Help?

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on using a projector with a Macbook Pro? I’ve done it a couple of times, and have managed to get what I need each time, but I suspect it’s been a lot more aggravating than it should have been. I haven’t found anything like the Fn-F8 toggle on our Dell laptops at work, which is simple enough. The Mac hasn’t been that simple for me, so I’d like to do some research and figure out what I am missing.

Surely I AM missing something, right?

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  1. System Settings -> Displays. Toggle Show Displays in Menu Bar.

    The menu bar item is pretty self explanatory.

  2. All you have to do is attach the projector via the dvi port, you may have to use a dvi to vga adapter. Then go into system preferences, displays and click Detect Displays. Just like adding a second monitor.

  3. George, I’ve done the vga to dvi adapter, and usually I do get it to work, but it just seems a little harder than it does on a Windows laptop.

    Plus I’ve run into situations where it detects the second display, but the display does not recognize the input from the Macintosh without some fiddling with the OS X settings. Seems like I’m missing something, maybe it is just me.

    Thanks for the tip bob.os that might help to have it right there too.

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