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The Scourge of Amateurs

So now it’s Instagram ruining photography, eh? I can remember, like Matthew, when the same complaints were leveled against blogs and twitter. Heck I can remember when the professional photographer world was up in arms about how DSLR technology led to any MWAC (Mom With A Camera) thinking they could make money taking portraits, and how that was the end of photography. Funny how something can be ruined, and yet still ruined again, isn’t it?

Anyway, I agree with Matthews take though, technology that makes it easier for amateurs to produce and publish content, whether it be the written word, photo, video, podcasts, whatever, is a net good thing. If you find yourself unable to stand out in this new reality, I suggest that you adapt, or die. There’s still a large market for truly outstanding work, if you really believe giving more people the tools to create is going to push you out, maybe you’re really worried that your work isn’t outstanding.

So leave us amateurs alone, and go do something outstanding, ok?

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