Testing, testing 1,2,3

Back at work this morning. Quite enjoyed the three-day weekend, hope you all did too. Didn’t spend alot of time working on tech projects over the weekend, just a little bit, along with a little bit of movie watching, picture taking, sleeping, hanging out with Angela, etc. It was probably needed with what’s coming up today and tomorrow, eh?

Anyway, today I’ll be busy testing and packing all the equipment that needs to be sent over to our annual meeting tomorrow. As well, I’ll have to show the person who is on tap for setting up the equipment at the theater how it’s all done. Nothing really earth-shattering difficult, or even interesting, but you gotta cross all your t’s and dot your i’s, so to speak, so I’m hooking everything up, making sure it works, and packing it all back up today. Try not to be jealous of the excitement. 🙂

I don’t anticipate much blogging over the next two days…

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