Update to this post about fixing the comments. I figured out what I had done wrong. I put the blogitemnumber in quotes in the template (Right after the “javascript:aspcomments”) after I had already left a comment. The comment got stuck in the database with the wrong blogid, since the javascript rounded it 17 digits and then added a zero to the end. So instead of leaving comments on the id that ended 886, the comment was in the database with 890 at the end.The count, however, was looking for 886. Now I’ve got it working on the test blog so I should be ok once the change over comes, assuming they don’t switch me over some time tomorrow, which is going to be a day from hell at work. I won’t have time to make the necessary changes to this blog until tomorrow is over, whenever my work day ends. Keep your fingers crossed for this event, I’ve already spent one afternoon loading chairs in a truck, unloading them, loading them onto carts, unloading them into the elevator that the carts didn’t fit in and then unloading them from the elevator into the room they are needed. Tomorrow promises more of the same sort of lifting at various times during the day long into the evening and maybe longer. The rest of the day will be spent shuttling people and materials back and forth, ohh fun!

I thought I got into computers to avoid all this manual labor stuff? 🙂

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