Glad the day is almost over

I’m looking forward to going home and enjoying a nice relaxing weekend right now. I will have to stop by the office and do that re-wiring of the switches sometime, but that shouldn’t take very long at all. It’ll be sort of like playing “operator” taking a cable from one port, and connecting it to another port, taking that cable and connecting to another port, etc.

The evil, little, creepy part of me considered unplugging everyone, in the middle of the work day, and then slowly plugging them back into their new ports, one at a time, but common sense prevailed on that one. I don’t know why, but doing that just seemed like it would be hysterical. Obviously, I need a weekend!

The hard part has been the documentation. With a new employee starting Monday, and two more over the next 2 weeks after that, and another employee changing offices and email addresses on top of changing some of the connections in the wiring closet, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with my head down in documentation to make sure I’ve got everyone and everything listed as being in their proper place. It’s exhausting to do that much documentation, but I’d much rather have the docs than not have them. (Been there, done that. The first time I went into the wiring closet and realized that nothing was documentated or labeled, I vowed not to do that to myself or anyone else in the future.)

I’ll be working on some small home projects as well, so there may be some notes here over the weekend about those, but I’m not going to stress over anything! 🙂

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