I hate ticketmaster

Since Angela had other plans this morning, it fell to me to hop online at 10AM to order her a couple of tickets to see the Dixie Chicks in June. No problem, it shouldn’t be that big a deal to order a couple of tickets from Ticketmaster, right? I’ve done it before for hockey tickets, should be a breeze.


I generally don’t buy hockey tickets the minute they go on sale. I’d forgotten to figure that in to the equation. It’s a whole different world on that website at that time. First you have to maneuver through the timeout errors to get to where you can order the tickets. Then, once you’ve found a pair of tickets they give you exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete your order before the tickets are released and you have to start over again. You click to proceed and 30 seconds of that is eaten up just because the site burped, again. Then you have exactly 1 minute to fill in all of your billing information, read the fine print, and click to the next screen, which you know won’t work the first time you click it, and then, if you can complete that in time, you are rewarded with the confirmation page. I determined quickly that it couldn’t be done, so I skipped the fine print. Honey, you might want to go and check what information is being saved on your profile now that I didn’t have time to read about. 🙂

Then, the final insult. After all of the stress and the hurrying and the frustration at the site, they charged $7.55 per ticket for the “convenience” of using their service. I think now that it might have been easier to stop by the arena on my way to work this morning, stand in line and buy them in person, not to mention the $15.10 it would save Angela!

Oh well, she has her tickets, and she’ll be happy about getting to go, so that’s worth it.

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