Life, as it happens.

You know what the coolest thing about reading blogs is? Let me give you a few hints:

Mary’s got the local scoop on the wildfire outside of LA.

Brian has the story of getting engaged, while Evan has a picture of the role he played in the proposal.

Brad and his wife are expecting a baby any day now.

Scoble’s planning his November wedding.

Christine is dealing with an impending birthday, and all that means to her. (Happy birthday Christine!)

While, Sammy is looking at the possibility of expulsion for blogging from school. Expulsion? OK, I could maybe understand you want to keep him from doing non-school activities online during the school day, but expulsion? Are you freakin’ serious?

Maybe it’s the Irish blood in me, but I love a good story, and people are providing real one’s every day. (I haven’t even gotten into the wonderful stories that are linked over in the Child Abuse Blog either!!)

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