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OK, so Brian commented that I’d probably get much more use out of a full-blown Pocket PC like the iPaq than I would a PDA. I tend to agree with him on that, and that’s really what I’ve been leaning toward if I decide to get something like this. In fact, I can think of some really great potential uses for the device if some things work out in the near future, but that’s still very much in the air. (Although I would seriously think it’d be decided before Xmas!) Now, the anti-MS zealots out there are probably going to be in a slight uproar, but I’m leaning toward PocketPc instead of Palm because I know what the PocketPC can do, in regards to syncing with my current MS Office apps, and creating my own spreadsheet/Word documents. I have no idea what the Palm can do, I’ve never seen it demonstrated anywhere.

More opinions? More Palm info? Give it to me!

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