Must have coffee…

Yeah, I know, I made a typing error and breakfast in bed turned into breakfast in BAD. I wasn’t trying to insinuate that there was anything but breakfast, I just have this typing/spelling problem. Usually I rely on a good spell check, but, obviously, bad didn’t turn up as a bad spelling so I missed it! Thanks for pointing it out, Anita.

Seems like everyone who is blogging from SXSW is having a great time. Made me really jealous while I was sitting in a staff meeting this morning. 😉

Fred Langa’s latest newsletter has a story on a new bit of scumware that leaves desktop shortcuts and favorite folders to such wonderful things as adult sites, and gambling sites. I can see it now, you share your PC with your wife you visit the site in question that runs the script, and then your wife wants to know why you have adult sites saved as favorites all of the sudden! That’ll be a fun conversation! So you might want to make sure your browser’s set to ask before running scripts, eh?

Geocities is introducing new paid hosting plans. The interesting thing here is that even with the most expensive plan all you get is PHP support, nothing for Perl, ASP, FrontPage extensions, etc. At $19.95 a month and that’s all I get is PHP support? Are you kidding me?

Court Shuts Down ‘.usa’ Internet Address Scam – I missed this one, but then again, I don’t even look at spam anymore so I probably did get it and delete it without even taking notice of it. I am surprised it fooled that many people, I mean if you follow the internet at all you should know .usa and .brit aren’t valid TLD’s, but I guess not everyone pays that much attention

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