For my next trick?

I’ve been thinking alot about what the next step with this site is. I’m enjoying the blogging and the interaction here, no doubt, but I need a new challenge. I need to add some content to some of the other areas of the site, I need to think about redesigning those pages as well. Nothing too major, because I’m not very good with colors and graphics unfortunately. My wife is, and she’s itching to get her hands on the design of this site, but I also think the content is what makes this site. I want an informational site, first and foremost, anything after that is just extra. I’m still undecided on the next big thing to do around here, but we’ll see after the hosting decision is made.

I’ve thought about making an email subscription to the blog, and an rss feed, but I’m really starting to think that I don’t want to do that. I would rather folks come here to get the posts, because the comments are becoming more a part of what the blog is about, it’s not just my thoughts that make up the content here, you’re thoughts count as well, and contribute just as much. If you get the posts in your email, you’ll miss out on the comments. Same with subscribing to an rss feed, you’d only get the posts, no comments. Anyway, I’m moving off of those improvements, but still looking for what will be the next improvement.

I may change the template on the blog, maybe make it three-column? Or maybe I’ll just get ultra-creative at some point and you won’t even know what happened around here! I’m going to do some playing with Dreamweaver over the next few weeks. I can’t promise anything will actually change, but I’ll have fun experimenting. *L*

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