My weekend

Not a busy weekend, actually kind of relaxing, but I did manage to get some techie stuff done:

A few pictures added to the Deep South Gallery from Alexandria last week. Obviously, since we weren’t there on vacation, picture taking was low on the priority list. Rather than try and make a gallery out of those few shots, I just added a couple of them to the photos from my trip to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana last year.

A Finnegan the Gnomad update.

On Saturday the mail included the New Trustee notebook detailing all of the activities and bylaws regarding the Friends of the Library Board that I’ll be officially joining on Feb 16, assuming the election of Trustees goes as planned. I’m looking forward to this experience, and to contributing to this organization on this level. It’s a new experience for me and I’m excited about learning as much as I can.

Speaking of learning, I also setup a trial edition of MS SQL Server 2000 on my box at home. I’ve got 120 days to familiarize myself with it. Hopefully I can learn enough about it and get enough experience with it to be able to say I’ve got at least some skills with SQL Server, the next time someone’s looking for that particular skill.

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