I’ve been using Mozilla 1.1 for the last few days here at work. As I’ve mentioned before, it can’t really take the place of IE for me, because there’s too many things that don’t work quite right with it, yet. But I’m finding that I can use it in connection with IE to help some things. For example, right now I’m using IE to post here, and to surf blogs, in order to make sure I don’t run into comment issues. I’ve also got Moz open to some news sites, and a few other sites that I regularly visit, that I know use pop-up ads. I’m not having to deal with the pop-ups because I can suppress them in Mozilla. Perhaps the nicest thing about that is that with the tabbed browsing, I can have a number of sites open in Mozilla, and it only takes up one spot on the taskbar. My taskbar right now has Outlook, Mozilla, this IE window, our membership database software, an Access database, a command prompt window, and WMP because I’m listening to a cd. That’s pretty normal for me, I work on quite a few things at the same time, or at least like to have them a click away while I’m working. 🙂

Anyway, like I said, it’s working as a nice compliment to IE for me and right now, that’s good enough to keep it installed.

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