That’s it! No more leaving!

You know, the hassle of getting things done so I can go away from the office for awhile is enough, but staff changes just make it so much worse! I found out today that we have another person leaving. Actually, it’s not even someone who works for us, it’s someone who sort of works in a partnership with us, and who has been working out of our building and using an email address on our domain, but who is actually employed by another association. That makes this mess worse, because I have to work with the people from that association, who are spread all over the state, to figure out how to get emails sent to our domain, forwarded to “whomever” who is going to be dealing with them, and how to make sure that “whomever” is also able to change their laptop PC’s configuration from our network, to “whatever” network they might need to be running it on, when it gets turned over to them. They also tell me that, the “whomever” may change every couple of weeks, including during the time that I’m supposed to be out of the office.

I’m getting a migraine just trying to figure out how I get stuck dealing with this mess for someone who doesn’t even actually work for us, let alone trying to figure out the details of getting this done!

I’m actually looking forward to the fact that we have a Board Meeting tomorrow. People will be too busy with that to bring me more work! On the other hand, they are planning a live demo of the new website. Keep your fingers crossed that works the way it’s supposed to, or I’ll be dealing with that…

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