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Good morning, I didn’t get much of anything accomplished with the pics last night, I was too caught up in the fantastic finish of the Islanders-Maple Leafs game last night. However, my lovely wife was kind enough to burn all of them on a CD last night, so I may get some free time at work today to fire up the laptop and work on the pages for them a bit. (Does she rock or what?)

In other news:

Brian is pointing to an Urgent Warning on the Spyware Info page about Radlight Media player, and how it will uninstall Ad-Aware automatically when you install it and the scumware it comes with. Yeah that’s what I want software to do when I download it, uninstall other software that I already have and use. Sheesh!

In Legal and Privacy news there’s National Security Becomes National Snoopery – a good look at what Law enforcement is doing with their great new powers and why it should worry you.

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