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Yeah it’s back to work this afternoon after spending a wonderful morning learning about Microsoft Licensing. Aren’t I lucky to get to do that? There was some positive out of it though, while I was in their office, they had a bunch of demo software laying around, so I got a copy of just about everything they had. It’ll be cool to be able to do a trial of MapPoint, Visio, Windows XP, Visual Studio .Net, etc. Of course, I don’t have a machine capable of running some of the stuff I picked up, like 2000 Server, SharePoint Portal, etc. But maybe someday I will :).

The licensing stuff was pretty straight forward, a lot simpler than it used to be, which is good. As far as figuring out whether the Software Assurance plan is right for you or if just buying new licenses when you upgrade is better it really depends on your plan for the future. If you upgrade with every new version, then you probably want to be on it, if you skip versions and generally upgrade less often than every 3-4 years, you probably shouldn’t. Our organization has always fallen in the non-upgrading side of that analysis in the past, (It took us 5-6 years to upgrade from the original network install) and I was, in so many words, just yesterday told that we don’t even have a plan for the future right now, so I can’t really recommend it for us. (Don’t even ask what it’s like to work for a place that has no technology plan. You don’t want to hear that rant!)

By the way, I was greeted with one of those Klez virus emails that are disguised as a WinXP patch upon my return. It was fairly easy to spot it, especially given the friendly nature of the message and the fact that we don’t use XP here, yet. Anyone else getting a bunch of those?

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