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After Lockergnome announced their klip, it appears some others have picked up on the idea of having their blog be a klip. I have to wonder about something. Why not just have as RSS or XML feed that everyone can use in any sort of news aggregator instead of a proprietary klip feed? Especially, why are you working so hard to develop a klip feed when you don’t have an XML feed available to begin with! (Hint hint…)

And then there’s Discussion Group Web Services, on which the question is asked “Have you ever wished that Yahoo Groups had an alternate API or that their groups had an RSS feed or any XML feed? Yahoo suffers from a lack of innovation. Service providers like Yahoo spend too much time and money on weak technologies. I predicate that it will eventually be their downfall. ”

Only problem is, Yahoo Groups do have an RSS feed! From the documentation for AmphetaDesk:

“Have a favorite Yahoo! Groups mailing list that you love to read or monitor? Now you can add them into AmphetaDesk for reading with the rest of your news! All you need to know is the name of the group you want to monitor. If the group name is “fork”, then your URL for AmphetaDesk would be”

It works in other news aggregators as well, although you only get the message subject and do have to go to the website to read the full text, which could wind up being the very downfall of it that he’s talking about, along with the fact that they don’t promote it! But it’s not quite right to say it doesn’t exist.

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