All’s Quiet

Seems like while I was sleeping away my migraine, (I’m much better now, thanks for the well-wishes Meryl!) that I didn’t miss much today, eh? There were no pages from work, no big breaking tech news to report, at least that I’ve found in the last few minutes of reading, and no big personal news. No news is good news, as they say. Except I did notice that two of my favorite bloggers have gone into hiding. Scoble’s been away for a few weeks now, hope everything is ok there! And GeekBlog hasn’t been updated since he moved to the new domain name and server. Makes you wonder if there was a problem in the move somewhere?

On the other hand, I did notice that Jevon, one of the creators of Blogtrack has started his very own blog. That’s a cool way to keep users updated on the progress of the new stuff they’re working on, which I’m getting somewhat excited about! Oh Jevon, I appreciate the link, I really do, but the name is McBride, not MacBride. *smile* If my grandfather were still alive, he’d smack me if I didn’t correct that, he was very proud of the family name.

One bit of news though, in the “it figures” category. I noticed that my page views and visitor stats for today were even higher than they were yesterday and most non-featured in Lockergnome days. I spend all that time trying to keep updated so folks will come back, and the day I say I probably won’t be updating, the hits are higher. Is there a message in there? *L*

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