Good morning!

Yup, back at work today, migraines are all gone! Had to wade through some emails this morning, but nothing that was pressing, or even that important. A request for a little change in the telephone system programming was about the only thing that needed tending to right away, and that was a fairly easy change.

In other news:

This is why Angela and I each have our own computers. In fact I currently have 4 working machines, if you include the laptop, at our house and one non-working machine that is waiting for me to find time to try my hand at a Linux install. No computer-waiting rage in our house!

So did anyone get Klezed today. My users seem to have avoided this one. I’m guessing we never got a copy sent here, seems I would know if we did by now, eh?

I’m learning alot from the Webmaster World forums, but wanted to share this one specifically on taking good digital pics. Lots of good stuff there for me to keep in mind this spring/summer when I try to get more pics taken with the digital cam, even if some of it is way over my head!

I see where another of the Lockergnome writers has his own blog. Randy Nieland (Furo) has joined the fun. Welcome Randy!

Doc Searls is thinking of marching on Washington to protest what the DMCA is going to do to internet radio. I think he has a point, the DMCA is the poster boy for those of us who crave less government in our lives, because it’s an example of what the government can do when it feels the need to “do something”. I prefer to have my federal government doing nothing because everytime they need to do “something” we wind up with crap like the DMCA or the Patriot Act!

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