Last night’s projects, while staying up to watch the Islanders shutout the Sharks 3-0, (whoo hoo!) included downloading a copy of Newsmonster and upgrading the Red Hat 7.1 Workstation to 8.0.

On the Red Hat front, I still haven’t found a solution to the network card problem on the server edition of Red Hat, but for now, and to at least begin the learning curve with Linux, I updated the workstation, with a network card that works, to 8.0. I’m still planning on grabbing an old network card out of something else, but this will get me started down that road while I wait for time to do that!

The initial impressions of Newsmonster are mostly good. It does the job and it integrates with Mozilla nicely. The ability to archive a feeds history is nice, as is the one-click toggle for full content. On the down side, if you enable that article caching I was talking about, it can be a bit of a resource hog while it’s aggregating, at least during the initial startup, and the ad-supported free version does some pretty annoying things with splash pages. It’s not exactly clear how to get it uninstalled either, but then I didn’t look very hard. I was due for a new version of Mozilla anyway, so I just uninstalled the whole browser and downloaded a fresh, newer version. A System Restore or GoBack type program would also probably do the trick, but, like I said, it was an excuse to upgrade to 1.2.1 or even 1.3 Beta if you’re daring like that. 🙂

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