Wake up calls

Hmm wasn’t it lovely of someone to call our house before 7AM today, and every 15 minutes thereafter, trying to send a fax through our voice line. Nothing like a good “fuck you” early on a Monday!

Geek let me have a sneak peek at his subscriber-only article on the possible death of internet radio. Mostly similar thoughts to what you’d read from Save Internet Radio or other bloggers, but Geek also gives you the added benefit of consolidating a bunch of news article links in one place, and that’s never a bad thing!

Speaking of Geek, he also left a comment concerning the Life of a One-Man IT Deptartment store. To that comment I reply “I don’t really care if no one buys anything from my store.” When Angela created the new logo I immediately wanted it on a t-shirt for my own amusement. Outside of paying to print a whole bunch of them and hoping I could sell them, this was the best way to accomplish that. I wanted to make them available to everyone, and I certainly will be grateful for the extra $$ to help pay for this site, but I’m already paying for everything here myself and plan to continue doing that, so I’m not counting on money from the store or my Amazon links, but they’re there if you feel like giving back. Of course, he’s trying to raise money to go to Gnomedex, so his outlook is quite different from mine. He’s not so much doing it for his own amusement, like me. 🙂

Psst, I do alot of things simply for my own amusement. It’s important that you take some amusement out of life. It’s too short as it is, as we were reminded this weekend with the death of Darryl Kile, you should enjoy the time you have. Kile, btw, was the same age as I am, 33. (Though I’ll be 34 in less than two weeks, ugh!) That made me stop and think when I heard about it.

My weekend involved celebrating my nephew’s third birthday. Happy birthday Dylan! That made Saturday good. Sunday, on the other hand, involved driving to Cleveland with Angela, her brother and his fiancee, getting stuck in road construction traffic in a blistering heat to get to the Great Lakes Science Center’s Titanic exhibit that did not live up to the media reviews at all. That was not so good. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Obviously, though, I didn’t get too much PC time, so there’s no news on that front. I’m looking at getting some things done around here next weekend, when I have nothing planned at all!

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