Traffic blocks

According to Dave this morning:

“Can you believe it — there are weblogs that turn away traffic based on referrer. This is bad practice. These people seriously need to take a refresher course in what the Web is about and how important links are and stop screwing around with them. I won’t read sites that do this, and I certainly won’t point to them. You should let the authors of the sites know that you won’t either. If they don’t want to be linked to, just take the site off the Web.”

Yeah, I can believe it, simply because I’ve seen so many examples of this sort of behavior that I have to laugh at it when I see it. These are the people who want the “stardom” of blogging, but still need to control the conversation. They aren’t secure enough to actually have anyone disagree with them. Like I’ve said before, if you don’t want anyone to disagree with what you have to say, don’t say it. If you don’t want someone to link to you and disagree with what you say, or do, don’t do it on the web. If you don’t want anyone to leave any sort of negative comments, don’t have comments. If you don’t like that people are criticizing your private life, don’t blog about it!

It’s really not all that complicated, is it?

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