A bug’s life

Thanks to Tom, who was kind enough to let me know he was viewing the site with Windows XP, I was able to learn some new things about this apparent bug in the stats program. I thought perhaps the XP visits were being counted as something else, but I realized by comparing Tom’s visit and a few other things between the two statistics I have just on this page that XP folks actually aren’t being counted at all! Neither is anyone who comes and views the pages with Netscape 6. That’s not good. I’m still trying to track down exactly what it is about both XP and Netscape 6 that would make them oblivious to the hit counters, but I haven’t found it yet. I thought I found it in the javascript *noscript* tags, but even after changing that, they don’t show up. It’s getting late and I’m too tired to look at it anymore, I’ll try again in the morning. If I can’t find it, I’m going to have to think about finding another program. Ugh!

I did download a copy of both Amphetadesk and NewzCrawler. They are both freeware news aggregators, and I intend to put them both through their paces this weekend and let you know which one I decide to keep. Are there any other free programs I should be looking at? Emphasis on free, something I can use to subscribe to XML/RSS feeds without all the extra baggage that I don’t have a use for right now.

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