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Interestingly, I ran into a reader of the blog in one of our sessions last week at the ILTA 2012 Annual Conference. We briefly talked about the reasons behind my not writing about and , the biggest being the fact that I work for a vendor now, and am not exactly unbiased. 😉

So, since this was my first time at as a vendor, I talked just before going about what a different experience it would be, and it definitely was, including that conversation. One of the ways it was different was my inability to really get to many sessions, and also my inability to really tweet and/or blog about those sessions. Unlike being an attendee, being part of the support team for a vendor means a lot more working behind the scenes, a lot more talking with our clients, and just generally a lot more time spent outside the social sphere that you get when you’re a paid attendee. Simply put, we don’t get invited to all the parties, but we have our own party to be concerned with. That’s a big difference when you stop to think about it, and I think it sums up the week nicely.

Of course, I couldn’t resist the urge to mark down some thoughts on the conference, and on what I learned from talking to folks through the week. Like all my ediscovery though, that post can now be found over at AccessData’s eDiscovery Insight Blog. Check it out, and let me know your thoughts on the growing power of ediscovery software and the need for continued . Are we truly entering a new phase, or just expanding on the phase started years ago?

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