Linked: Now, more than 50% of Google searches end without a click to other content, study finds

I was just talking about Seth Godin talking about Google earlier this week, and their efforts to show you something in the search results, without letting you leave, so that you’re right there, ready to search for the next thing. And here we have proof that it’s working.

The update includes data from the second quarter of 2019, in which 49.76% of Google searches ended without a click. In June, that figure surpassed 50%, meaning that the majority of Google searches ended right on the search results page, without the user clicking through to any results.

This has some pretty big ramifications for the SEO community, and websites in general. If search is not helping people find your website, how do you intend to reach them? What are you getting for all that work you put in to rank highly in Google’s search results? Is anyone actually clicking through to your site any more? Is it even worth concerning yourself with search? As this number goes up, these become valid questions.


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