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Linked: During the Holidays, Focus on Relationship Building

Hannah’s advice for the Holiday season when it comes to networking is right on.

Reach Out


The holidays are the perfect excuse to reach out to people and wish them well. Take extra time and effort to add a note with your holiday greeting cards to update people. Stay positive and be specific.


You can even reach out to past colleagues who may have a less busy schedule during the holidays. Ask if they would like to meet for coffee or virtually catch up.

Many of us introverts struggle to find a “reason” to reach out to former colleagues, or friends, or professional contacts. What better reason could there be than to offer holiday greetings?

So, spend some time sending some extra holiday cards, inviting someone for coffee during the holiday break, connecting at your company holiday party, your spouse’s holiday party, the kid’s school holiday events, etc.

This is really the best time to get connected with folks who may be able to help you come 2020.

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