Linked – Communicate to Build Relationships

This is so good. A lot of things you hear from the folks at Manager Tools are good, but this really hit home because I recently read a comment by a business leader in which he didn’t think you could build culture with remote workers, that they had to “live in the same place”.

Having been in an office, and remote, throughout my career, I don’t think location and proximity have anything to do with it. I’ve worked in the same building with people for years who didn’t even know who I was, and I’ve had great relationships with people I rarely ever see, and I’ve had the opposite, people I’ve worked with very closely in the same location who I have a good relationship with and people I’ve worked remotely with who didn’t get along. All of it comes down to communication.

“At our conferences managers often ask us how they can do one on ones, deliver feedback, coach and delegate to people with whom they spend little to no time? How do they build relationships when they don’t have the opportunity to spend any time together? The answer is simple really, communicate. Communicate so much that you forget when you haven’t seen one another in over a year. Communicate so much that you forget you’ve never actually met in person. Being in the same place at the same time doesn’t build relationships, communicating builds relationships.”


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