Linked – Producing Search-Term Hit Reports: Another Form of Discovery on Discovery

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“Hit reports, by themselves, are of limited value, however. They do not speak to whether the hits are relevant, but merely show how many documents hit on a particular word. They can, however, sometimes identify anomalies that can be researched further by looking at sample documents. For example, if a hit report indicates that a term hits on most of a custodian’s emails, it may lead counsel to look at some of the hits and realize that a term is hitting on a signature line and may need to be removed or limited further.”

I actually agree that while there may not be that much you can glean from a search hit report, I still show people exactly how to generate one during a training class. Simply put, there are lots of times when you need to test search terms before you either agree to them, or commit to using them, and as an ediscovery tech, you should be able to report back, especially when a suggested search terms is either overly broad, or overly specific.

So yeah, you should probably know how to get one from your eDiscovery software. 😉


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